Incident in a Ghostland – movie review


The movie starts off with a quote about H.P. Lovecraft being a the greatest writer ever. Which I agree with don’t get me wrong but it was a weird way to start off a movie. We cut to a single mom in her car driving along with her two teenage daughters one of which is a huge horror fan and loves to write scary stories(hence the quote in the start – she is a huge Lovecraft fan). They are driving towards their new home, a country home inherited from their aunt. As you would expect things do not seem to be normal. First a creepy looking ice cream truck briefly scares them as it passes them on the road and then while being in a gas station they read a local headline about a crime spree where intrudes break into people’s homes, murder the parents and torture the children. They move on and finally reach their house. There we find out that one of the daughters – Vera has a huge issue with their move because she had to leave her boyfriend behind and also thinks that her mother loves her sister Beth more. Before they could even settle in properly they are attacked by a gigantic looking man and another person in black. However their badass mother manages to fight them off and they barely end up surviving.

Fast forward to a couple of years later we see Beth who has become a successful horror author and is happily married with a son. However the memories of that night still haunt her. She has occurring nightmares reliving it. She receives a call from her panicked sister who asks for her help. Worried she packs her bags and goes to visit her mother and sister who still live in that house. Upon arrival she sees her sister in a horrible shape still haunted by the events of that night but to a much higher extent than her. So high that it drove her insane. From there the movie takes a very different turn and the tone changes drastically.

The movie had a lot to process. It was not something complex with many hidden messages but the sharp turn in tone really threw me off. I expected it to be a haunted house horror film judging by the ending but it ended up being something quite different. It’s not the best film but I ended up enjoying it. Some of the scenes really disturbed me which is very rare these days. It has a simplistic plot but there is a lot of tension, twists and turns which will keep you entertained. The acting was good for most parts and the cinematography was surprisingly decent. There are some plot holes but they are easily ignored.

From what I saw online it seems to be a very divisive movie but overall it’s a decent horror film and I definitely recommend it.

Final verdict: 8/10
Incident in a Ghostland (US) (UK) (Germany) (Canada)

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