Slasher – season 1 review

I was looking for something to quench my binging thirst and came across this show on Netflix. The premise seemed interesting and the cast was decent so I decided to watch it.

Sarah Bennett along with her husband, Dylan return to her hometown to move into her parents home. The same house where on a cold Halloween night many years ago a man who called himself “The executioner” came into their home and murdered her mother and father, cutting open her mother’s stomach and pulling her out. Upon her arrival a copycat murderer starts killing people inspired by the seven deadly sins. He finds a victim who he thinks has committed one of the deadly sins and kills them in the same way that sinners were punished according to the bible. Desperate for help and answers she pays a visit to Tom Winston (the original executioner) who tells her to dig deep into her parents past. Her research leads her to many discoveries about both her parents and the town that she is living in. A town where everyone seems to have a dark secret in their past that they want to keep hidden.

It’s really hard to talk about this series. On one hand I really enjoyed it. The plot was very interesting and I liked the entire seven deadly sins theme and all the side characters sub plots. Making a slasher themed TV show allows them to focus on and explore many more things which can be a good thing. It gives depth to characters and adds to the story. On the other times there way too many scenes where I found myself angry at some of the characters and how they handled themselves in certain situations and yelling “Why the fuck would you do that” at the screen. But that is what we usually get in a slasher I suppose. Well that and violence. Lots and lots of violence, blood and gore. Which this show does not fail to deliver on.

The acting was decent, nothing special and with some scenes falling flat at times but overall it was decent. I’ve loved Katie McGrath in everything that I’ve seen her in (mainly Merlin and Dracula) so she was one of the main reasons that the show peeked my interest.

It’s a show that horror fans will probably enjoy, not sure about everyone else though. It’s cliche and has everything that you would expect it to have but at the end of the day I still enjoyed the show and am interested enough to watch the second season.

Final verdict: 7/10

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