Deadman – comic book review

Oh boy was this an interesting read. I came in expecting a normal horror comic but it was like rewatching the Legion show, but darker.

The name initially reminded me of the DC hero Deadman. It turns out it is not the same but he is loosely based on him. Turns out it was published under the Vertigo imprint written by Bruce Jones and drawn by John Watkiss.

This Deadman tells the story of Brandon Cayce, an airplane pilot and copilot along with his older brother Scott. At the start of the series we see them in an airplane that Scott deliberately crashes killing everybody on it. So end of story right? Not even close. We see Brandon seemingly alive after the events in some sort of a dream world or parallel universe. From here we see him jump from timeline to timeline, parallel universe to parallel universe in order to solve the riddle and reclaim his life. Some of the clues lead him to the wife of his now deceased brother, the woman that he also used to love years ago. Together along with the vision of his dead brother helping him he learns all about string theory and parallel dimensions.

Yeah, this story has all of that. Dead men walking, string theory, parapsychology, conspiracies, love and much more. Although short with just 13 chapters it still manages to deliver a big and complex story. The first couple of chapters are just a big headache. You literally have no clue what is happening. But later on things get unraveled and you start to understand the plot more but your head will still hurt. As I said above it sort of reminded me of the Legion TV show, which is a good thing. It’s not as good as Legion but for me it does come close. It’s one of those stories that makes you think “Why am I still reading this” but in the same time you don’t want to stop. I would not recommend it to everyone though but if it did interest you, you can check out the first issue below.

Final verdict: 8/10
Deadman(US) (UK) (Germany) (Canada)

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