The SCP Foundation – introduction and first impressions

So if you are a fan of horror and someone who spends a lot of their time online you probably heard about the SCP foundation. I’ve always been intrigued by the whole concept but I never got around to reading up about it until now.

The SCP foundation (which stands for Secure Contain Protect) is a collaborative platform where writers can submit their work connected to the fictional foundation which focuses on protecting humanity and the status quo by finding and containing anomalies, objects, living beings, concepts, events, creations and other things that pose some sort of threat and violate natural law. Online various authors write stories and explore different kinds of ideas that take place in the universe of the SCP foundation. They tell the story of how the organisation handles and contains each of the anomalies that exist in their world. The organisation documents these cases in SCP files which help tell the story of each of the things that the foundation encounters. All of these files are categorized by 4 series. The first contains SCP 0 to 999, the second 1000 to 1999 and so on.

There are a few types of anomalies that are categorized in the following categories:

Safe – These anomalies are subjects and objects that can be contained effectively and reliably. Some of these anomalies are humanoid and/or sentient. Even though they are considered as “safe” these anomalies can be far from it and are capable of harming someone. They could be something small like a gun or something world threatening like a nuclear weapon.

Euclid – These anomalies are much more complex than safe ones and are unpredictable either because they are sentient or they are behaving in a matter that can not be explained by conventional science. Thus they need constant supervision.

Keter – Keter anomalies are anomalies which are very hostile to humanity and/or spacetime itself and can cause a great deal of damage and destruction. Not all world threatening anomalies are Keter ones. In order for an anomaly to be considered as a Keter one they have to require a vast amount of resources or complex restraining procedures. They also can not be reliably contained.

Thaumiel – A rare class that only the highest levels of the foundation are aware of which are used to contain other classes.

Neutralized – These are former anomalies that are no longer anomalous which were destroyed or disabled either by accident or on purpose.

There are much more things that need to be explained and discovered about this like for example that there are rival organisations that exist in this universe. One of them being The Chaos Insurgency which is a splinter group of the foundation created by a rogue cell which deserted and took with them a few SCPs. They use these SCPs for their own benefit and have amassed a lot of power.

I have not yet read any SCPs. Even reading about the premise itself turned out to take much longer than expected but it definitely got me interested. The entire concept of this fictional world is honestly a fantastic idea. I love exploring the creative side of humanity and this is a place where it seems that it could flourish so I will definitely dive deep into it. There are much more things that need to be unraveled and I’ll post more things that interest me in the near future. Maybe I will even try to submit a story myself. But all in due time.


  1. My kid knows literally everything about the SCP. He says there is a 5th series out and a fan made series and a joke series. Some are interesting…lol

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