Violence Jack: Evil town – anime review

I was looking for something gory to change up things a bit and boy oh boy did I get what I was looking for and much more.

Apparently this is the second movie of three but it was the most known one since it is the most controversial one so I ended up watching it first.

A massive earthquake has hit Tokyo and a portion of it has been trapped below ground and separated from the rest of the world. The remaining survivors have split up into three sections: Section A, B and C. Section A is mostly comprised of businessmen, young children and policemen. Section B is full of criminals and delinquent people and section C is full of young women who keep their distance from the other sections.

During the start of the story the inhabitants of section A are attempting to dig trough the rubble to reach the surface. While digging they manage to dig up a gigantic looking man. They help him out and take him to their mayor. Looking at his size and power they ask him to be their protector. Learning of Jack’s existence the other sections go to see him themselves.

The three sections meet and during that time section C asks Jack to protect them. They tell him the story of why they parted ways from the other sections *mild spoilers from here on*  soon after the earthquake the men of A and B went wild and started capturing and raping the women, many of the people that did that were the leaders of section A and high ranking police officers so in fear of their life they had to run away and learn to protect themselves.  Upon hearing this Jack decides to switch sides and join section C. Because of this quickly after the inhabitants of section B go wild on a killing and raping spree. *end of spoilers*

On paper this movie sounded like it would be very interesting but sadly enough it seemed to fall flat. The shocking parts of the film are decent yes and if you are looking for that it will satisfy your “thirst” so to say but there is not really much more to that. The plot was dull and parts of it really felt boring but I wanted something different and so I got it so I was still entertained. If I am feeling really bored sometimes I might even watch the other two films.

Final verdict: 6/10

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