The horror movie vault: Angel heart (1987)

I saw this film the first time a couple of years ago and it still has one of the best endings that I’ve came across.

Harry (played by Mickey Rourke) is a Brooklyn private eye who gets hired by a strange person called Louis Cyphre (played by Robert De Niro) to track down a famous singer called Johnny Favorite, who owes him a debt. Harry takes the case and starts investigating. However he starts to notice that every single person that he questions about the whereabouts of the singer seems to get killed in a brutal and ritualistic fashion. He soon comes to the conclusion that it could be the work of a satanic cult. He also finds out that Johnny was apparently a powerful magician who sold his soul to the devil in order to become famous but he wanted to get rid of the deal. Upon further investigation he ends up in New Orleans and meets Epiphany Proudfoot (played by Lisa Bonet) whom he ends up having a sexual relationship with. Fast forward to the end Harry ends up solving the mystery but is not pleased with the results.

I don’t want to get too much into the plot since it might ruin the entire film so I am just going to stop there.

I found “Angel heart” to be a fantastic horror thriller that effectively mixes noir, horror, erotic and voodoo elements. The acting is phenomenal (as you would expect from a cast like this). Mickey Rourke seems to somehow always surprise me with his films. I am a huge fan of both this and his more recent “Wrestler” movie (which if you have not seen you definitely should). It has a very unique and fascinating plot which at the beginning does sound like every other private eye film but it is far from it. The atmosphere is also fantastic and manages to mesmerize and haunt you in the same time. It’s full of twists and turns and every character seems to hide something. The pacing and build up was probably the best part of the movie which can be hard to accomplish considering the length of the movie.

It is one of those rare films that after you watch it will just replay in your head over and over again interpreting every scene differently.

Final verdict: 9/10

Angel Heart (US) (UK) (Canada) (Germany) (France) (Spain)

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