Stan against evil – series review

I’ve been looking for something to fill my “Ash vs evil dead” void for ages and I recently came across this. It was staring one of my favorite “Scrubs” characters a.k.a. Dr. Cox or John C. McGinley so I knew I had to watch it.

Stan against evil is a comedy horror TV series produced by Dana Gould and stars  John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Nate Mooney, and Deborah Baker Jr. The main character Stan is a sheriff in a small New Hampshire town which was built on top of an area where around 172 witches were burned. For that reason the witches cast a curse upon each sheriff that followed the one that ended up burning them which resulted in the deaths of each sheriff. Each sheriff other than Stan of course, who because of a certain outburst of him was forced to retire and so a new sheriff took his place. Together with this new sheriff they decide to rid the town of the witches. It’s a pretty simple plot but with a show like this you do not need anything special to keep it interesting.

It’s honestly a very odd show. It’s corny, low budget, weird and predictable with some questionable performances at times but I just can’t help myself but love it. It’s pretty obvious a show that you would either love or hate. I’ve seen a lot of people compare it to “Ash vs evil dead” and even though they have their fair share of similarities (mainly the beer loving, old, lazy, no fucks given main character) “Stan against evil” does manage to stand out, both for some good and bad reasons. Unlike “Ash vs evil dead” it is centered at one location. I think one of the biggest issues that I had with the show that almost made me stop watching it was Stan’s daughter. Nothing against the actress, it’s just the way her character was written. She’s too weird. I understand the purpose of the character but it’s just something about her that makes me think that they just went overboard with her. I love all things weird but there are such things as boundaries. The deputy is a pretty weird character too but they managed to make him just the right amount of weird.

But in the end I still ended up binge watching the show. I found that it had a charm that just kept me watching and am definitely looking forward to more seasons. It’s hard to say if I would recommend it or not since I can see how it would be a hard show to enjoy but I did so I wanted to do a review on it.

Final verdict: 6.5/10


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