The best of Reddit’s nosleep stories – part 1

Oh boy where to even start. This was one of the more different stories that I’ve came across. You could tell that it was a subject that was close to the author’s heart. I don’t want to disclose any of the plot points since it would take away from the story so I’m just going to say that it is a very powerful and worthwhile story that deserves a read. The comment section is also an interesting read below the story. It’s good to see people who have the same issues help each other.

A lonely widower receives a call from a spam number and hoping to stir up a conversation he picks up. On the other line a is looking for “Mr. Henderson”. Unfortunately the Mr. Henderson she is looking for is his deceased father. Things get even weirder when the caller asked for a Mrs. Henderson as well. Very well written with a great end and it really did keep me on the edge the entire time.

The writer of the story has written a note for himself to remember in the future about a mysterious figure called “Mr Hands”. This figure first came to him when he was a child and has been going after him for years in the style of a game called “Keepsie”. A game that when he loses he gets a mark on his body.

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