Some of my favorite creepy, disturbing songs

It’s been a bit boring just talking about films and similar stuff so I decided to listen to some of the songs I came across on YouTube.

  • The music of Erich Zann – Alexey Voytenko
    I came across this amazing piece while looking for some Lovecraft audiobooks. I was hooked from the first second I played it. It still chills me each time I listen to this piece. Amazing work by mr. Alexey


  • Berserk OST – Ash Crow
    The only good thing that came out of the mess that was Berserk 2016 was the amazing soundtrack. This was probably my favorite one of them all. I’m so glad that it introduced me to Susumu Hirasawa and his amazing music.
  • Dance with the devil – Immortal Technique
    One of the few songs that actually left me speechless. Also one of the songs that disturbed me more than most films that I’ve ever seen. Amazing storytelling and chilling audio make this one of the best songs ever written in my opinion.
  • Masked ball – Jocelyn Pook
    You have probably heard this song if you have seen “Eyes wide shut”. Superb and very creepy melody complete with eerie vocals.
  • Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War
    There is something so mesmerizing, beautiful and yet haunting about this song. I find myself replaying it a lot each time I listen to it. Probably one of the songs that made me love dark country music. Not that creepy or disturbing but it gives you that haunting feeling.


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