Mysteries of the internet: the “I feel fantastic” video

One of the first creepy mysteries I came across on YouTube was “I feel fantastic”. It’s a pretty old video but I wanted to talk about it because it holds a special place in my memories.

“I feel fantastic” was uploaded to YouTube back in 2009. It stars a weird looking mechanical, humanoid mannequin singing that (you guessed it) she is feeling fantastic accompanied by an eerie melody which raises the hair on your skin. There is also a very interesting description for the video about an ancient Greek sculptor called Pygmalion. Pygmalion was disgusted by the sight of some prostitutes and completely lost his interest in women so he decided to sculpt a “perfect” woman to to be his bride. The goddess Aphrodite decided to bring his sculpture to life and Pygmalion ended up marrying her and having children with her. This hints that maybe the doll shown in the video was made by the person that was filming the video for the very same creepy reason.

With no information about the video people started analyzing it and came to a few conclusions. In the video itself there were a few shots that stood out. First the doll at one point started to say “Please leave” and “Run run run”. After that there is a point in the video where the camera zooms in the backyard. This made a lot of people think that the person who made the doll itself and filmed the video was some sort of deranged serial killer who was trying to create the perfect woman and the random backyard shot was the place where he buried his victims. Some people even went as far as saying that the doll itself was the killer and she killed the owner and is looking for her next victims. Other theories connected the doll with the online story of “The expressionless” about the blood soaked woman who entered a hospital in 1972 with similar features to the doll which ends up killing a doctor and proclaiming that “She is god” (unintentional spoiler for the creepypasta sorry if you haven’t read it), but that entire theory is a huge rabbit hole in itself that claims the story is not a creepypasta at all but is presented to be to make it seem crazy.

In truth the original video was made by a man called John Bergeron. A few curious people decided to dig deeper and found a website where John has multiple videos with the doll where he makes videos with her singing. All he wanted to do was make a singing robot and create music videos. The records of his videos show that they were uploaded years before the “I feel fantastic” video was uploaded on YouTube.

As I said this was one of the first videos that I came across and genuinely creeped me out but made me very curious as well. I wanted to dig deeper and find out more and so I came across a whole bunch of mysteries and much more.

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