Dave made a maze – movie review

I think it’s about time to switch things up and go for something a bit lighter. So I came across this little gem and I am so glad that I did.

Now this might be cheating since it’s not completely a horror film. It has comedy, adventure and fantasy mixed in also but I loved it so much and want more people to know about it.

Dave is a 30 year old man who decides to build a small cardboard fort while his girlfriend is away for the weekend. When she comes back home she sees the house in a messy situation and the fort in the middle of the living room. Dave (played by Nick Thune) of course is delighted that she is back but unfortunately claims that he can not get out of the fort because he built a maze in it and is basically lost. Worried about his claims his girlfriend Annie (played by Meera Rohit Kumbhani) decides to call one of his friends who after hearing about the issue decides to bring an entire group of people complete with a filming crew and a homeless man (since he apparently knows about “cardboard houses”) to their house. Unsuccessful in their attempt to get him to leave the fort they decide to destroy it but Dave protests because he cares highly about it. Annie decides to enter the fort herself accompanied by the rest of the people. Once they enter however they see that the fort is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (much like a T.A.R.D.I.S). Sure enough chaos follows and they even get chased by a Minotaur at one point.

Dave made a maze is definitely one of the most unique films that I’ve seen lately. The director is Bill Watterson and this is his directorial debut and for a first movie he did a great job. He does an awesome job mixing all these different genres and it makes for a very enjoyable film. The visuals are amazing so I have to hand it to the art director – Jeff White and the story line itself is great and unique and very pleasant to watch. The acting was not that good at parts but I still enjoyed it and the music was pretty good as well. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s the perfect film to watch if you want something different and entertaining.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

Dave Made A Maze (US)

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