Doomed Megalopolis – anime review

I’ve been neglecting my anime thirst for a while so I decided to find some older gem to watch.

So I came across “Doomed Megalopolis”. A story about a spiritual battle in a contemporary Tokyo. An evil sorcerer wants to awaken the ancient spirit of Tokyo’s historic guardian Masakado. The evil sorcerer Kato is hell bent on exacting his revenge on the city of Tokyo so he decides to wake the ancient spirit that protect Tokyo (why he would awake the GUARDIAN himself to destroy the city is beyond me but I went with it).

The show is 4 episodes long and each episode is 40+ minutes long. After viewing the first episode I was very impressed and so hyped for the rest of the episodes. The second one was ok, not as enjoyable as the first one but still good but unfortunately episode 3 and 4 came and just destroyed all of the potential this show had. Like all of it. It was full of plot holes, unnecessary plot points and it just felt like the writing crew was just throwing stuff to the wall to see what sticks which just derailed the story even further.

I normally do not like posting about things that I did not end up enjoying but this show infuriated me so much that I had to talk about it. I am honestly shocked that a show that had such potential just threw it all away and just threw it all away. Each episode was basically the same – Kato brings a sacrifice to the ancient spirit, the spirit says no so he tries again. In the fourth episode you even start to question yourself if this is the same actual show it was 3 episodes ago. Kato decides to pull the moon towards Earth (yes the actual moon) to fulfill his plans while a preteen girl solves complex mathematical equations that people could hardly understand.

The characters all horrible and underdeveloped, had no substance and seemed to be there just to be there except for the badass Santa Clause looking wizard who unfortunately spoiler alert loses to Kato in the very beginning of the second episode only for him to survive but kill himself after we find out that he survived end of spoilers.

The only somewhat redeeming quality of this series was the animation which for 1991 was pretty decent. I wont even bother leaving a link to purchase the series. You can probably find it on youtube if you want to watch it (which I would not recommend)

Final verdict: 5.5/10


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