Suspiria, Halloween and the state of horror in 2018

It’s finally here. The much awaited trailer of the new Halloween movie. After watching it and the trailer of Suspiria I started to think about some things that have been in the back of my head for a while.

I’ve often came across comments and critics who says “there is nothing original anymore” and “it’s all about sequels and reboots” and “some movies can never be rebooted”. But is that really true? Some would say no and some would say yes. But the answer is not quite so simple. In my opinion there are films that should not be rebooted unless the reboot itself adds something new and fresh to the already existing story. Much like what we will be getting with the new Suspiria film.

And not like what we got with the new Ghostbusters (it pains me to even remember that horrific film). Of course it is just a trailer and we can’t know if the film will be anything like it but with all the details that have been coming out and the trailer footage it is safe to assume that this is not just a cash grab reboot just carrying an iconic name in order to gain more attention. The cast is fantastic, the atmosphere in the trailer is eerie and unnerving and you can tell that it tries to honor the original while it adds it’s own take.

Next we have the new trailer for Halloween.

One of the rare slasher films that enjoyed and absolutely ended up loving. As someone who is not the biggest fan of the slasher sub-genre it’s really hard to find a slasher film that I actually enjoyed. The original Halloween was in my eyes though much more than a normal slasher film. I loved every single thing about it and seeing this new trailer made me very happy. It seems to pick up right after the first movie ends and it does not include any of the sequels which is a great thing (even though I loved the second part as well).

Looking at the trailer gives me much hope about so many new and old horror stories coming to the big screen and even though some may disagree with me I think the horror genre is in the best place that it has ever been. From big budget movies to TV shows and independent short movies to much, much more. It recently came to my attention that Netflix will be making a show about the Locke & key comics which I am also very excited about and it probably means that they will be looking into more comic series to bring out to the screen which is a great thing since comic books hide some of the best horror related stories you could possibly hope to find.

There is literally something that would please any kind of horror fans these days and I really do struggle to see as to why so many people seem to disagree. One of my favorite things have been researching ARGs (alternate reality games) which mix virtual media to tell the story and real life as a platform to play it. Stuff like horrifying home videos which hide clues and puzzles which you need to solve in order to get to the other ones and maybe solve the whole thing. It really brings out the creative people from around the world and I absolutely love it. YouTube is full of fantastic amateur short horror films and stories too.

But of course that’s just my opinion. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree and if you are looking forward to seeing Halloween and Suspiria.

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  1. I am super excited for both of these movies! I usually have to roll my eyes at people who complain about reboots and sequels, they are usually the same people streaming things for free online instead of paying for a movie in the theaters. With movies, we literally get more of what we pay for, so it’s important to support these movies in by buying tickets!

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