Underrated youtube channels

As someone who visits YouTube daily I’ve came across a ton of horror related channels. Some good, some bad. Today I wanna talk about some amazing ones that I love but I think are very underrated.

    • Horror Radio Shows & Creepy Tales – I came across this channel while I was listening to some short horror stories. I played one clip and I was instantly hooked. They have been uploading horror stories from tons of radio shows for a long time and I was shocked to see that their subscriber count was so low especially since all their stories are amazing unlike a lot of the new creepypastas that show up. Their latest post as of me writing this is

      which I enjoyed quite a lot. It tells the story of an understudy actress who buys a laughing doll from an odd looking merchant.

    • Nothing Is Revealed – a rather new channel that focuses on creepy internet mysteries (another one of my favorite things to read up on online) and they have recently started talking about shows and things. Check them out here

      which talks about our love of fear and “haunted” video games

    • Screamfest – A channel dedicated to featuring  short horror films from the “Screamfest horror festival” which is a festival that runs in October in the USA in Hollywood California. An amazing place that showcases new and hardworking people that want to make it in the horror world (something that I am all for). My favorite short so far is

      A psychological horror story with a fantastic cast about a woman who gets a very creepy partner in her bridge game who seemingly threatens her life.

      If you liked these channels make sure you send them some love and let me know below if there are any channels that deserve more attention let me know below


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