“Unsane” – movie review

Well, I certainly was not ready for this film. Unsane tells the story of a woman who gets put into a mental hospital against her will.

A young woman called Sawyer Valentini (played by Claire Foy) is a businesswoman who recently started to work in a new city to escape her stalker. Troubled by the experience she seeks help with a harassment group and decides to speak with a counselor. There she confesses that she has thought about committing suicide and after that unknowingly signs a paper that gets her thrown into a mental asylum for 24 hours. While there she notices that one of the people that work there is in fact her stalker but unfortunately nobody believes her. With that we get to experience her terror and hopelessness as she is forced to stay at least another 7 days stuck in the asylum with her stalker because of her behavior.

The start of the film really drew me in, I honestly can’t remember when the last time was that I was engaged so much in a film which actually really unnerved me and made me anxious. Is the stalker really there or is it just in her head? Could she really be crazy or will something horrible happen to her? We start to know more about her and the story of her stalker as the story progresses and sadly picks up some cliches. However that took nothing away from the beauty of the film.

I saw this movie talked about a lot with so many people giving it mixed reviews so I was curious and decided not to watch the trailer and go in completely in the dark. Maybe the low expectations suspended my logic for a bit and made me enjoy the movie much, much more since there are a few things that really do not make sense in the film and I understood why some people felt the way that they did. But why let a few technicalities ruin a film. I actually found it very clever and very enjoyable. The acting was amazing, the pacing was amazing at the start but dragged on a bit at the end and the fact that the movie was shot with an Iphone camera gave it a unique feel which immersed me even more into it and it does an amazing job making you feel what she feels as well as giving you a feeling of claustrophobia in a lot of the shots. Sure some of the plot points can be predictable and a few of the procedures in the asylum itself are very exaggerated trust me you will definitely love this film and I can not recommend it enough. Check it out below and let me know what you thought.

Final verdict: 8/10

 Unsane (US)  (UK)  (Germany) (Canada)

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