Mysteries of the internet – The strange 973-eht-namuh-973 website

While browsing the internet for strange mysteries and scary topics I came across an odd website that drew my attention so I decided to research it.

The website is called 973-eht-namuh-973. It is obvious that the letters spelled backwards say “The human”. Once entering you are greeted with this screen: the human 1

Upon first viewing this site seems like a bunch of gibberish that some weird person came up with. Pages like these and other ones filled with odd and disturbing images:weird weird 1nuclearfamily

However once you start to read about it and understand the messages inside it becomes a treasure trove for those who seek interesting topics.

It is a site full of religious and numerical symbolism. For example the numbers from the name on the website could mean 9=sun=god, 7=earth=light and 3=moon=dark. Upon further investigation I reached a page on the site which included a “magikal alphabet”, “numbers 1-99” and “The Grande Gallery” all of which when opened contain different numerical pages with different meanings some of which are connected with Buddhism, Christianity and other religious beliefs as well as spirituality. There is also a forum on the website dedicated to deciphering some of the codes and messages. Apparently the main way of communication is trough numbers as seen from the text on one of the pages: numbers.jpg

Digging trough the forum I managed to find a few “Explanations” about the site and it contents. One member of the forum says:

“The tables describe the numeric calculation process that ends in a word being resolved down to a single digit number. The system is based on 26 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet, where A = 1 and Z = 26 as a value. Where letters have a 2 digit value they are further reduced by adding the two digits together e.g. Z = 2+6 = 8. The single-digit values derived from a letter by letter of the alphabet transposition in a word are then added together, should this result in a two-digit outcome e.g. 27 then they are added together to obtain the final result i.e. 2 + 7 = 9. You eventually become so conversant with the numeric values of the alphabet that it resembles thinking in a second language. Key numbers are 9 which represents raw power both for good and evil but often manifests itself in humanity damaging circumstances, 5 which is the life’s point of balance, 7 often important in religions the Saptarshi or Saptarishi for example, as well as collections of the same number e.g. a series of 4s, or perhaps a sequence as in 1,2,3,4,5 etc derived from key elements or names associated with of a topic.”

The same person on another post while explaining what the site is exactly about said: “ is a knowledge collection, exchange and transference site, designed to promote learning which will lead visitors onto alternative positive thought paths that in turn, will motivate them to become part of a universal mind. An amalgamation of enlightened intellectual resource that will hopefully help change the world in which we live into a better place on every level, for all inhabitants of planet Earth.” and “Above all the great ambition is to stimulate alternative thought processes among the 973-eht-namuh-973 community that might result in action plans for the greater good of humankind.”

It’s safe to say that this site has greatly intrigued me. I have been a fan of occult and religious symbolism and topics for a long time (even though I myself am not a believer) and I will definitely be looking into it a lot more. It seems creepy at the beginning hence why I saw it talked about on horror related forums but once you dig deep into it, it really isn’t. But it is still very mysterious and creepy so I decided to talk about it here.


  1. Hi thank you for your efforts to help us to understand. I did today a meditation and it comes to my mind eth nah muh si I looked on internet and I start reading everything about this. I think this is a message from extraterrestrial beings call actuaries. This is not come from earth.

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  2. The site is Evil, I’ve Noticed it tilting back and forth one night, having a hypnotic effect. No one under these comments in here or on the other reviews mention Abraxas an Egyptian God/Demon, supposedly this entity was the primordial God before Jesus.The Abracadabra symbol was derived from this God Abaraxas. Look up the Abracadabra under Google, you will find the same symbol set up, you see on the front page of the Namuh website. There’s a reason this website is on the Dark Web. It opens a Gateway..

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  3. I’ve been researching this out of interest today and it’s actually pretty cool to learn about. How people have all these different beliefs and how they come to different conclusions is just super intriguing!

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