“Clown” – movie review

The most unique take on a clown themed horror film, Clown brings us the story of a man who uses a cursed clown suit to his son’s birthday party

Clown is directed by Jon Watts and produced by Mac Cappuccino, Cody Ryder and Eli Roth. It brings us the story of Kent McCoy (played by Andy Powers) who is hosting a birthday party for his son. He hires a clown but unfortunately the clown ends up accidentally going to a different party. Luckily Kent finds an old clown suit in the basement and puts it on and goes to the party himself. After the party, Kent falls asleep in the suit and the next day finds that he can not take it off and notices that the body suit, wig and nose all begin to fuse with his body. Having no other choice he leaves for work wearing the costume.

After a few attempts at taking the costume off Kent goes to his wife (played by Laura Allen) and she tries to remove his fake nose. While doing that they notice that the skin on the nose is starting to peel off too. With no other choice he goes to the hospital. There he starts to show some sings of strange behavior and starts developing a strong sense of hunger. After researching a bit he finds out that (mild spoiler) it is not actually a costume but it’s the skin of a demon and the only way to satiate his hunger is to devour kids. (end of mild spoiler)

I’m not the biggest fan of killer clowns but the direction that this film took was very pleasant and intriguing. The acting was decent and camerawork was ok but could be better. At the start it felt a bit cliche and cheesy but it started to pick up as the plot progressed. The gore was awesome as well which was surprising for me since I rarely point out gore in films. The pacing was very well too.

However I do think that this movie could have been done much better. I enjoyed it yes but not as much as I wanted to since I really loved the premise of it. It was a fresh take on killer clowns and I really wish it was better since it was obvious that a lot of effort was made on it. But even with it’s faults it is definitely a movie that you should watch.

Final verdict: 6/10

Check it out below and let me know if you liked it:
Clown(US) (UK) (Canada) (Italy) (Germany) (France)

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