The perfect music while reading horror

Sometimes you just can’t have peace when trying to read. That’s why I have a list of songs perfect for that occasion.

I tried pretty much everything. Searching for “music for reading” on youtube, various dark country songs or metal bands but nothing really immersed me in the book. They blocked the noise yes but also managed to make me lose my focus.

Luckily I managed to find the perfect youtube channel called “Cryo Chamber”. Cryo chamber is a Dark Ambient/Drone Music label run by Simon Heath (or Atrium Carceri) that focuses on dark atmospheric music which mixes ambient drone, post apocalyptic music, space ambient and field recordings. I found their playlists to be highly relaxing and oddly enough they even help me sleep sometimes. To be fair I have a soft spot for the channel since they focus on lovecraftian themes and I’m a huge fan of Lovecraft. For example:

Some other ones that I enjoyed are:

Is there any type of music that you enjoy listening to while reading? Did you enjoy the music from Cryo chamber? Let me know below.


  1. Wow I loved these, especially the last two. I think they would be awesome to listen to while writing as well. I really like listening to Sigur Ros when I read. Their song Cold is especially atmospheric.

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