Exploring the online horror community: Short horror stories part 2

I’ve been slacking with the newest pastas lately so I thought I’d check out some of the newer ones and see if there are any good ones.

  • “A shattered life” – I cannot recommend this story enough. A shattered life tells the story of a man who is forced to live out different parts of his life during different times. An entity has latched itself onto him and because of it he finds himself missing years from his life only for him to live them out at different times. I was not surprised when I saw that it was written by Matt Dymerski, who also wrote “Psychosis” and “Asylum” both of which I absolutely adored. Amazingly written and well structured. Check it out and let me know what you thought.
  • “An empty prison” – A man gets sentenced in the Pembina prison for about a year and tells us the story of his time there. According to him the prison was haunted and had a rich and odd history. While he stayed there things started to get scarier and scarier. It began from the first floor. The prisoners started screaming and after that the guards and prisoners started to disappear. Knowing that something is coming for them they slowly awaited their fate.
    I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed “A shattered life” but I still loved it. The claustrophobic feelings you get as you listen to the prisoners and how they tried handling their situation was horrifying.
  • “My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on facebook” – The title pretty much explains the plot. About a year after the death of his girlfriend, the boyfriend starts receiving messages from the profile of his dead girlfriend. At first he assumes that it is her mother since they share the password of the account but he soon finds out it is not her. After a while he also started getting notifications that someone from her profile started to tag them self onto pictures of them. Not a new or unique concept but very entertaining nonetheless.

A Shattered Life (US) (Canada) (UK) (Italy) (Spain) (Germany) (aus)


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