Childhood memories – The scene that scared me most as a child

¬†Everyone remembers that one movie or show that they watched as a kid that haunted them for years to come. For me it was the terrifying alien abduction scene from “Fire in the sky”

I always loved watching stuff like “X-files” and “Star trek” as a kid. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across a film that seemed to have a little of both. I was so happy. Until that is, that scene showed up.

A man gets dragged by his fight across what seems to be a hallway by two very odd looking extra terrestrial creatures. They place him on some sort of table and begin stripping him down. Shorty after they start doing some odd procedures and the man starts wailing in pain.

First they begin by placing a cloth on his body which is glued on his body by some sort of liquid. This puts him in a state of agony as the cloth starts to tighten around his body. Then they start placing a weird gelatinous substance in his mouth followed by a long metal screw connected to something inside the mouth. After that they proceed with filling his eye with a white substance and sticking a giant needle inside of it.

A lot of films and scenes scared me as a kid. But nothing compared to this scene. Sure, I was petrified while watching “Poltergeist” but after rewatching it and other films that used to give me nightmares I could see that the scenes were not nearly as terrifying as I remembered them to be. However rewatching this scene made me understand why I got the most nightmares out of this scene. For one, the aliens were amazingly made. At one point you could even see one of them smirk while the person was lying down and screaming in pain. The actor did an amazing job as well as the victim of the experiments. His twitching at the star of the scene after they took his clothes off still sends shivers down my spine, along with his gargled moans while they were shoving the substance in his mouth. And let’s not forget the odd machine that the needle was connected to. Everything about this scene was made very well and I applaud the team that worked on it.


What about your scariest moments in front of the TV as a kid? Which movie or scene scared you the most as a child?


  1. For me it was the show Sightings, specifically the grey aliens when they talked about abductions. I do not know why those things freaked me out and only from that show. I was fine from anything else with them, just the show Sightings messed with me.

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