“Happy death day” – Movie review

A young girl starts reliving the same day over and over after she gets killed in a “Groundhog day” style slasher film.

Our main character is Tree Gelbman (played by Jessica Rothe) a cocky, self centered college student who enjoys drinking and partying. She wakes up one morning on her birthday in a stranger’s dorm room hungover and confused. She continues on with her day condescending as ever to everyone around her as well as ignoring her father’s call and disregarding her roommate’s attempts to wish her a happy birthday throwing away the birthday cake she made for her. She also has an affair with one of her professors. That night as she heads off to a party a mysterious man wearing a mask of the campus mascot murders her. Suddenly she awakes the next morning in the same spot in the dorm room. At first she gets the impression that she is having déjà vu and dismisses the previous day but when the night arrived and the mysterious man in the mask appears again and murders her. When she awakes the next day she realizes that she is stuck in some sort of loop and needs to evade her murderer.

Making it a horror film with a mysterious slasher chasing down our main character no matter how she attempts to evade him with an interesting twist at the end make for a fresh take on the concept, as well as the fact that each time that she dies the death takes a toll on her body and she gets weaker each time. The cast does a well job portraying their characters, especially the lead role and it is interesting and quite enjoyable to see her grow as a character during the movie especially since she was such an annoying character at the start.

The repetition of day movies are often cliche and and repetitive themselves but surprisingly this movie was quite enjoyable. It’s obvious that the movie does not take itself seriously and neither should you. Just enjoy it for what it is, a fun horror comedy with a few twists and turns.

Final verdict: 6.5/10
Check out the links below to watch the movie yourself and let me know what you think: Happy Death Day (US) (Canada) (Italy) (UK) (Germany) (Spain) (Japan)


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