“Severed” – comic book review

Scott Snyder (also known for writing Batman, Swamp thing, American vampire) brings us the chilling tale of a young boy Jack who searches for his father.

We first meet Jack as an old man watching TV in his house along with his wife. His grandson arrives and hands him a letter from some “old friend” of his. Suddenly  a sense of dread covers Jack’s face as he opens it up and sees the contents of the letter.

We come back 40 years in the past to a younger version of Jack playing the fiddle on his window and talking to his mother. Unbeknownst to her though, Jack has plans of leaving his home in search of his real father that abandoned him when he was a child who he finds out is a musician as well. He leaves his house during the night and sets off in search of his father. However he soon finds out that life on the road is much, much harder than he could have imagined.  On top of that, a horrifying serial killer who targets children and cannibalizes them has his eyes set on him.

Although it is a short series with just 7 issues, “Severed” is a great story with a fantastic twist and a great ending that might seem a little predictable to some, but it does not take away anything from the story, in fact I don’t know if there would be any better way to end it.

The characters are well developed and the pacing is done well but a bit hastily in my opinion. I’d have liked to see more information on the killer himself and some of the supporting characters but I guess leaving it to the imagination adds some charm to the series. The 1900s in the US seem like an interesting time full of potential for all kinds of stories and with Attila Futaki’s fantastic art work it comes to life marvelously.

Let me know if you enjoyed the story below and what your favorite horror comic books/graphic novels are.

Final verdict: 7/10

Check it ot for yourself: Severed


    • Yeah I am a huge Hellblazer fan too. Neonomicon is on my to read list, I’ll be reading it soon. Also I heard they will be making a Swamp thing TV show which I’m looking forward to. Hopefully it wont get canceled like the Constantine one.


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