The horror movie vault: Evil dead (1981)

Sam Raimi’s debut full length film “Evil dead” has become one of the most well known and influential horror films ever. Who knew that it would become this popular with just a tiny budget of 350 000$?

Ash, his girlfriend Linda, his friends Shelly and Scott as well as his sister Cheryl set off to a cabin up in the mountains for their vacation. Even from the start the group ends up getting some problems like Scotty almost hitting a truck while some sort of invisible menacing presence gets closer to their car. After another brush with death while crossing a very old bridge, Ash and his friends finally arrive at the cabin. A very old,  creepy looking, almost run down cabin. They settle in and await the night.

In the evening they come across what seems to be a cellar. Naturally curious Scotty goes down to investigate with Ash soon following. They discover a mysterious old book made out of human flesh with strange writing in it along with a creepy looking dagger made out of human bones as well as a tape recorder. They take it upstairs and decide to play the tapes. The tapes contain some sort of weird incantation that seems to wake up something in the forest as well as traumatize Shelly. Surely enough chaos ensues.

The pacing of the movie is done very well as well as the camerawork. The way that it is used to make you feel like there is something out there in the darkness while not showing you anything is very effective and adds to the appeal of the movie. Accompanied with a great soundtrack that adds to the fright Evil dead is definitely a movie worth watching.

With a tiny budget and horrible filming conditions which included the cast sleeping on rock-hard floors and filming in freezing temperatures Evil dead managed to reach a cult following and cement itself in the hall of fame of horror with its over the top possession scenes and vast amounts of gore influencing tons of horror films especially low budget ones.

Final verdict: 8/10
Check it out for yourself and let me know if you enjoyed it:
The Evil Dead(US) (Canada) (Italy) (UK) (Germany) (Spain) (Japan)

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