R.I.P. Ashley J. Williams. Remembering one of horror’s grooviest and most iconic characters

This week marked the end of an era with the series finale of “Ash vs evil dead”. With it we bid farewell to the legendary Ash Williams.

Ash Williams (played by the one and only Bruce Campbell) made his debut in the “Evil dead” series (directed by Sam Raimi) where he, his girlfriend, sister and a couple of friends head off to a cabin for their spring break. This is where we are first introduced to the “Necronomicon”, the book that will be a crucial part of the entire Evil dead saga.


It was found in the cabin that they visited along with a tape recorder belonging to an archaeologist. They play the tape recorder and hear the archaeologist reciting some weird incantations and all hell breaks loose as they release the Kandarian demon.  Fast forward to the end (Spoiler alert) we see the sun rise and a blood soaked Ash attempts to get to his car but an entity attacks him and throws him back while Ash screams.

In “Evil dead II” we see Ash still in the cabin battling some of the demons released from the book of the dead. Here he ends up having to cut his arm in order to save himself. Thus creating his iconic look and dawning the iconic chainsaw on his right hand. The movie ends with Ash being drawn into some sort of a vortex and travels back trough time to 1300 AD.

Now we enter “Army of Darkness”. The third installment of the series. Here we see Ash go to the medieval era and he gets captured by king Arthur’s knights. It is revealed there that Ash is actually “The chosen one” and that if he wishes to get back home he needs to get the Necronomicon back. So Ash decides to go after the book in order to get home. Unfortunately when he gets a hold of the book in order to recite the magic words he recites them wrong and ends up summoning the army of the dead. After defeating the army the wise man gives Ash a potion that helps him return to his own time.

So thus ended the era of Ash Williams. Or so we thought. ash-vs-evil-dead_logo

In 2015 we were blessed with the start of Ash’s very own TV show called “Ash vs evil dead” which shows Ash 30 years after the end of the trilogy.  This let us see Ash grow (well as much as a drunk asshole can grow) as well as seeing him in a load of different settings and not just the cabin. We start off with Ash working as a shop boy in a Value shop along with his friend Pablo (played by Ray Santiago) and living in a trailer park with his lizard Santiago. During one of his drunken nights he sees a demonic face on a woman and starts remembering a previous night where he started reading from the Necronomicon while he was stoned. Another character that gets introduced is the bad-ass Kelly (played by Dana DeLorenzo) which ends up joining Ash and Pablo in their crusade. We also see the fantastic Lucy Lawless as Ruby.

The show managed to last three bloody, gory and hilarious seasons while successfully keeping the appeal of the original Evil dead series with season 3 being arguably the best one with a perfect mix of horror and comedy and the addition of Ash’s daughter. Unfortunately the views were getting lower and it was announced that the show was being canceled.

Bruce has said that he is retiring from the role and we will not be seeing Ash again but we can always hope. Maybe we will see a season 4 or even a movie. The ending of season 3 left us with so many possibilities that it’s impossible not to have at least a little bit of hope.

I will be going into more detail for each movie and season when I review each of them in the near future. For now I will just leave you with this little gem dedicated to the man himself:


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