The terrifying music of Stalaggh

When it comes to horror music there are a few bands that truly stand out. Stalaggh is definitely one of the top ones.

(Warning this article is a bit more horrifying and graphic than most and is not advised for certain people)

In the year 2000, a bunch of Belgian and Dutch nihilistic metal experimental musicians came together in order to create a unique and terrifying album, something that would literally bring out despair in anyone who listens to it, music like no one else has heard before.

The band (which is also known as Gulaggh) decided not to use vocalists but instead used the screams of patients from a mental asylum. One of the members was working in a mental asylum was able to get permission to work with some of the patients under the cover of it being some sort of scream related therapy. They used the screams of mental patients in order to capture the real fear and anger and that they can be felt in the songs themselves. To make the sounds more authentic they recorded the “songs” in an old monastery because they thought that the acoustics and atmosphere would be much better. They have also been known for using the screams of children because according to them “children have a fascinating way of screaming as they are not scared to scream, unlike the adults who are sometimes hesitant or ashamed.” Also, they were known for using female voices from rape victims and prostitutes because to them those screams are in a completely different atmosphere.

They made several albums called:

“Stalaggh” – 2001

“Projekt Nihil” – 2003

“Nihilistik Terrror” – 2006

“Projekt Misanthropia” – 2007

“Pure Misanthropia” – 2008

In 2008 the band ended up changing their name to “Gulaggh” releasing a few albums under that name such as “Vortuka” and “Kolyma & Norilsk”.

One of the patients that they used apparently stabbed his mother 30 times while another who had homicidal urges attacked one of the artists trying to strangle him and you can hear that sound in one of their songs.

The band has stated that they have done what they set off to do and will not be continuing with future projects.

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