The horror movie vault: Possession (1981)

Today on the horror movie vault we will be looking into Andrzej Żuławski’s 1981 masterpiece “The possession”.

We start with Mark (played by Sam Neill), a man going back to his home to his wife (played by Isabelle Adjani) and child. During the first part we found out that his wife is unhappy with the marriage and has been cheating on him for a long time. All of this slowly destroys Mark psychologically as he tries to cope with it all and obsesses as to why his wife has decided to divorce him.

Meanwhile his wife starts sneaking off with her lover and leaves Mark and their child. Mark decides to confront her lover in order to get some sort of peace of mind possibly. Unfortunately he comes back beaten both physically and psychologically.

He finds out however that his wife has been disappearing for days and not to meet her lover. Worried, he employs  a private investigator to keep track on her. This is where things turn very weird.

To say that this movie is not for everybody would be an understatement. It is full of psychological torment of its characters, very disturbing scenes and much more. With that in mind if you are a fan of psychological films and are not faint of heart you will definitely enjoy this film. Every aspect of it is magnificent. From the acting, camerawork, soundtrack to the pacing and pretty much everything else. Be warned however you will definitely need a drink by the end of it.

Final verdict: 10/10


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