Exploring the online horror community: Short movies part 2

Part 2 of our explorations of short horror films. Today we will be looking into Lovecraftian horror films.

  • “An Eldritch Place” – Directed by┬áJulien Jauniaux, An Eldritch Place tells the story of a young man that gets hired to watch over a garage while the owner is away working on his project. With stunning visuals, Easter eggs and homages, great pacing and a fantastic, eerie soundtrack the movie is an awesome treat for every horror fan and not just Lovecraft fans.
  • “Thresher” – We are met with a man who is supposed to unlock a door with a combination lock on it. All the other locks have been opened and he is only left with one. He obviously has spent a lot of time there and we can see him slowly losing his sanity and experiencing horrific visions. While attempting to open the last lock we see that another door opens and that he is not alone anymore.
    The movie has a great set design, decent acting from the lead role and an ending with a few twists that will terrify you.
  • “A Lovecraft Dream” – A trippy short animated film about H.P. Lovecraft and the nightmares that led him to write many of his stories. We see him meet Nyarlathotep, Dagon and much much more. There is not much more in the plot, the enjoyment is in watching the actual nightmares that he had.

    Did you enjoy any of the movies? What did you think? Let me know below

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