Mysteries of the internet: The “Deeper” YouTube channel

Ever since it’s launch in 2016, “Deeper” has fascinated a lot of people online with its odd videos and references to actual killings and missing people cases. What do they all mean and is there something deeper going on?

The channel was first seen on 4chan where the link to the channel was posted as a code. At first the channel seemed like an odd collection of random short videos but it was soon discovered that the videos had cryptic messages.  Full of tons of hints from the cryptic titles and odd audio in the videos people soon started to delve into a rabbit hole that was the “Deeper” youtube channel.

Some of the clues left behind from the poster were:
73 65 63 75 74 69 20 73 75 6e 74 was a title of a video which is hexidecimal and translated to “secuti sent” – latin for “They followed” or “They have followed”
“culmus” was another title of a video which is latin for “stalk”

Some of these codes were solved and revealed names of several murder victims, murders which were never solved like Stephanie Ann Bauman, Darcy Anderson, Edith Bernice Lehnerz and many others. Most of these murders have happened many years ago in the 80s and 90s, but some of the codes that have been left on the channel have referenced recent homicides and missing people reports.
One of the clues that were solved from the most recent videos contained morse code within the spectograph which spelled out “Patricia Ann Cordova” who is a missing person that was last seen in February 2005.

It is still unclear why this channel exists. Multiple theories have been going around.
Some people claim that it is a part of an alternate reality game (or ARG), other people claim that a serial killer is leaving behind clues while some claim that it is just some sort of edgy “art” project.
What are your thoughts on it?

Whatever it is it has fascinated a lot of people and I am looking forward to seeing how this entire thing progresses.

Edit: Update:


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