“A quiet place” – Movie review

It’s a good time to be a horror fan. Today we will be looking into one of the best horror films in the past few year, John Krasinski’s “A quiet place” which brings to the screen an unsettling horror where silence is key.

We meet the Abbot family who try to survive in a world that is seemingly destroyed by an alien race. The only reason that they have survived so far is that the only way that the aliens can only find them trough sound so they go out of the way to live in constant silence. They do not use plates or spoons and forks, they walk on certain paths covered in sand with bare feet and most important of all they communicate trough sign language which they have learned because one of their children is deaf.

So this sets the stage for a very interesting turn of events which brings you inside the world and makes you fall silent as well while you watch it. It is quite interesting how much your life can change when you have to be silent all of the time. All the emotions you want to convey and all the mundane tasks that you usually do are now stressful events that you need to get past. It’s very interesting to see the family struggle but manage to live as human as possible in those dire circumstances. we see that Evelyn (played by Emily Blunt) is pregnant and when her husband leaves along with one of their kids, their deaf daughter who is tasked to help her ends up leaving to join her father. That’s when things take a turn for the worse.

Possibly the scene that stuck with me the most will be odd to most of the people that have seen the film. While walking trough the forest Lee (John Krasinski) and his son stumble upon an old man next to the corpse of his wife. As soon as he sees them the old man lets out a terrifying shriek in an attempt to call the aliens to him. That shriek alone stuck with me the most for some reason. Seeing the man give up all hope and surrender himself to the aliens was an amazing scene. It’s pretty amazing how much can be said trough facial expressions only. And this film manages to show this perfectly, especially trough the daughter who is actually deaf in real life as well.

Overall some of the plot holes made me take out some points but it was nothing major.

Final verdict: 8/10

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