Exploring the online horror community: Interactive horror stories part 1

One of the newest, most unique things that have came out of the minds of horror fanatics have been the interactive movies and stories. It brings a unique experience as it gives you an actual role in the story.

The best place to find these stories and movies is Youtube. Today we will be looking at some of the more interesting ones. Most of these are sloppy and amateurish but do not let that stop you from enjoying them. That itself gives them a sort of a charm.

  • “Survive the House” – A couple of friends decide to go on a road trip for the weekend to an unknown destination. Driving off the main road their car breaks down and “You” are supposed to go for help. Walking around you find a strange house and you decide to step inside and ask for help.
  •  “The Outbreak” – The infection has started and there are zombies everywhere. You find yourself hiding out in a house with a bunch of people, one of which has been bitten. Can you make the right decisions and survive? (You can find it on http://www.survivetheoutbreak.com/)
  • “Halloween” – You are waiting for your friends to go trick or treating but they do not show up and things start to get weird. Unlike the previous two this is a story but it is still entertaining.

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