“Flay” – Movie review

A young woman returns to her home after the mysterious death of her drug addicted mother.

We start off with a flashback of a native american tribesman who gets tortured and brutally murdered. Before his death he curses the chains with which he is bound with.

Fast forward, we see Moon(played by Elle LaMont) returning to her home town in order to prepare the wake of her mother. Unfortunately she receives a cold welcome from her brother (played by Dalton E. Gray) who appears to hate his older sister for leaving him behind to take care of their junkie mother by himself. Once home she realizes that her mother may have unleashed an evil spirit that is haunting her and her younger brother.

Considering the budget I think that some of the effects were very well done and the visuals were very decent. The story was unique and oddly enough quite enjoyable considering I am not the biggest fan of the Slenderman franchise. I did not expect to enjoy this movie since it is a low budget movie about Slenderman (a combination that sounded very bad for me) but I must admit that I was wrong. Yes there are a lot of plot holes and confusing points in the movie, combined with bad acting and forgettable characters but there is something about the movie that appealed to me. It does not fail to keep the tension throughout the movie and it keeps you entertained more than a lot of the big budget horror films that have come out lately.

Overall it’s a fun B movie has its moments. If you are looking for a random movie to watch it fits the role perfectly.

Final verdict: 5.5/10

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