“Insidious: The last key” – Movie review

Yet another installment in the ever growing “Insidious” franchise. This time it focuses on Elise Rainier, the well known psychic from the previous movies. We see her trying to face her literal and metaphorical demons from her past.

At the start of the movie we see young Elise living with her brother and parents in New Mexico. Elise tells her family that she can speak with spirits which only angers her father. He does not like his daughter’s claims so he decides to beat them out of her. Something that sticks with her trough her lifetime. Fast forward to today Elise, who works as a paranormal investigator along with her two colleagues, receives a call from a person living in her first home claiming that he has experienced paranormal activities in his house and asks for her help. Reluctant and frightened, Elise decides to go back to her home and help him.

I have always enjoyed the “Insidious” movies. They are not the best sure, but they always keep you entertained. This one was no exception. Lin Shaye has always been one of my favorite parts of the series. We get a glimpse of her troubled childhood that helps us understand how she got to where she is and why she does what she does which fully develops her character. However every other character in the movie seems to fall off in that area. Her “sidekicks” as much as I liked them come as a bad comedic relief which ends up ruining a few of the scenes and the rest of the supporting cast had nothing memorable to contribute and are two dimensional.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie were the small twists and revelations that Elise comes to find out during her return to her old home. They are interesting plot points that rarely show up in movies of this type.

I did have an issue though with the second half of the movie. The way they handled the creature and resolved things could have been done a lot better and it just ends up wasting the potential that it had at the start.

Did you enjoy the movie and how do you rank it in the “Insidious” franchise?

Final verdict: 6/10

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