Exploring the online horror community: Short horror stories part 1

Short horror stories online have been blooming in the past few years. So much so that even TV shows about them have been made. Today we will be looking at a few noteworthy creepypastas about bizarre experiments.

  • “The Russian sleep experiment” – I rarely find a story that sticks with me days after I read it. This is definitely one of them. One of the first short stories that I stumbled upon. It tells the story of five people who are being experimented on by Russian researches who used an experimental gas stimulant to keep them awake for a long period of time. Nothing out of the ordinary happens during the first few days but after two weeks or so after the researches become worried about the silence of the captives announce that they want to check the microphones and promise the freedom of one of the captives if they are compliant. Their response was only that they do not wish to be free anymore. After that all hell breaks loose.
    I will not share anymore of the plot so that I do not ruin the experience of reading it but I will say that the ending will chill you to the bone.
  • “Gateway of the mind” – Can you actually contact god? That is the question that a bunch of scientists attempted to answer in the year 1983. In theory they assumed that taking away all the senses of a human being could do it. An old man volunteers and the experiment begins. This is a much shorter story but it still hits the nail on the head disturbing you till the very end.
  • “The Harbringer Experiment” – The retelling of a medical professional who took part of an experiment on three subjects created by an odd scientist called Zimmerman. A man shunned by the scientific community because of his obsession with the occult and otherworldly. The official purpose of the experiment was apparently the testing and observing of the effects on the human mind during extended isolation. The real purpose however was quite different. Zimmerman’s obsession with the supernatural would lead him to do much darker things than what the official report of the experiment said.

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