“Veronica” – Movie review

Set in the year 1991 in Spain, we follow young Veronica who ends up being haunted by a spirit after a terrible oulja board experience with her friends during an eclipse.

“Rec” director Paco Plaza returs to the horror spotlight with his new movie “Veronica” supposedly based off of an actual police report.

The main character is Veronica (played by Sandra Escacena), a young student from a religious school who we see spends most of her time taking care of her three siblings since her single mother has to constantly work long hours in a local bar.

One day in school during an eclipse, Veronica and her friends sneak off with an Ouija board in an attempt to contact the dead. Veronica wants to contact her father while her friend Diana wants to contact her deceased boyfriend. As usual in most movies of this kind their attempt to communicate with the dead does not go so well. We see the same cliches with the Ouija board breaking and young Veronica falling in some weird trance. After all of that we see her at the nurse’s office getting checked out because she ends up passing out. As the movie progresses we see that it follows most of the common threads that movies of this type often follow themselves.

So what makes this movie special? Is it worth all the hype? Is it really the scariest movie in a long time?
Well it is not the scariest movie that is for sure. But that does not mean that you should not watch it. Sure it has its cliche moments and predictable scenarios. But in my opinion it is much better than most of the movies that it draws inspiration from. The innocence of the main cast makes the viewing experience much more terrifying considering that they are just young children and we also see the daily struggles of Veronica as a teenager who is tasked to take care of her siblings as she tries to reconnect with her friends after their horrible experience and get their help, you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

In the end of the day it is a decent movie with an interesting take on the same old scenario combined with a great soundtrack and compelling performances from the young cast. Don’t let the over-hyping of the movie stop you from taking a look at it.

Final verdict: 7/10
Make sure you check out the movie below and let me know if you enjoyed it or not.
Veronica (US) (UK) (Germany) (Spain) (France)

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