“The Killing of a Sacred Deer” – movie review: Pretentious cinematic experiment or masterpiece?

Collin Farrell reunites with “The lobster” director Yorgos Lanthimos alongside Nicole Kidman in a chilling, unconventional horror drama loosely based on the ancient Greek play Iphigenia.

Farrell plays a cardiac surgeon called Steven Murphy who seemingly has it all: A stunning wife, two loving children, beautiful house and works in a first-rate hospital. At the start of the movie we see him with a young man called Martin (played by Barry Keoghan) who appears to be his friend but it is quite obvious that there is something up between them and that their relationship is a very odd one. The nature of their relationship is unclear whether they are related or whether it is something sexual or weird. The plot itself can seem ambiguous at times but the main theme of the movie seems to be the search for justice and vengeance as well as facing the consequences of your past mistakes.

The movie does a fantastic job of keeping you in a constant state of suspense. Every scene is eerie, disturbing, crafted perfectly and uneasy. It feels unnatural and odd, much like the characters themselves. Their behavior and the way they communicate and interact makes the scenes even creepier and helps with their job of never letting you breathe trough the movie. Lanthimos manages to  do a fantastic job of making even the most mundane tasks seem creepy and off-putting. The dialogue is also very specific and it gives you a weird, unsettling feeling while you watch the characters interact with each other.

The filming is done marvelously, either creeping around behind them or hovering above them giving us the feeling that there is either someone behind them or watching them above giving us a voyeuristic element to the shots. The framing is perfect and each shot is extremely well done which manages to fully absorb you into the movie.

I’ve been speaking with a few people that watched the film and read some reviews online to see why this movie has so many mixed reviews since I always try to understand multiple perspectives. Most were positive, but I did see quite a few one star reviews mainly saying that the movie was a waste of time and that it had no plot and similar arguments however most people don’t keep in mind that not every movie is a movie that you sit don and watch to have a good time, well unless you enjoy dissecting everything about movies and trying to analyze the metaphors.

Final verdict: 9/10

Did you watch the movie? What were your impressions of it?

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