Exploring the online horror community: Short movies part 1

Short horror movies can often be forgotten and left behind in the shadows  with all the new and successful horror movies that come out which is a shame considering most of the brightest horror gems are hidden there.Luckily the internet is overflowing with them so today I decided to share some of my favorite ones with you.

  •  “The Jester” – An intriguing film about a tired man trying to get home on Halloween. On his way home he is greeted by a peculiar person wearing a mask who insists on showing him a magic trick. With a fascinating plot that leaves many questions unanswered along with gorgeous cinematography, it is definitely a movie that you should watch.

  • “The Jigsaw” – A story about an old man in search of a new jigsaw game that he can play. He finds one which he thinks is perfect and ignoring the owner’s warning he decides to buy it. What follows is a suspenseful and terrifying evening for the old man.

  • “3 Versos” – Terrified by a ghost a couple of girls visit a well-known psychic hoping that she can help them. The psychic accepts their request to help and starts the seance. What follows is a creepy chain of events that will  I loved every single aspect of this movie. The acting was superb, the music was perfect and it manages to get you hooked from the very first moment of viewing.
  • “Don’t let them in” – I had mixed feelings about “Don’t let them in” especially because of the beginning. The black-eyed children have always been an interesting urban legend so it got me interested enough to watch it, and I am glad that I did. It’s not the best short film for sure, but it is definitely worth the watch.

There you have it. Four short films for you to check out. Make sure you post your thoughts or reviews in the comments below. I look forward to seeing what you all thought of them. And of course, if you have any short films that you love that you think need more recognition, feel free to share them.

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